Alexandria Implant Dentist: How To Maintain Your Dental Implant

Alexandria Implant Dentist | Dental implants make a great solution for one or more missing teeth. If you should receive one from an Alexandria implant dentist, you will want to make sure that you take great care of it so that your investment serves you for the rest of your life. But how do you do that? Let’s take a look at implants and what you need to do to maintain them.

An implant serves as a functional and cosmetic replacement for your original tooth. Although nothing can completely replace a natural tooth, dental implants are now the gold standard for replacing teeth. They are the next best thing to your original tooth.

One reason that Alexandria implant dentist are very important is that they help to prevent the bone loss that would otherwise occur with a missing tooth. Your jawbone senses the presence of a tooth root, artificial or not, and locks in around it to provide a snug fit and anchor for your tooth so that it can absorb the full impact of biting and chewing.

Without the presence of a tooth root, a process called resorption occurs. The jawbone begins literally melting away under the site of the original tooth. And if you eventually get a dental implant at that location, you would probably require a bone graft procedure to shore up the area so that it can anchor a dental implant. This is one reason why it is important to move quickly after losing a tooth to prevent unnecessary expenses and delays and your eventual implant treatment.

Another reason to get a Alexandria implant dentist is to protect adjacent teeth. When there is a large gap in your smile, neighboring teeth can begin moving into this area, which could potentially lead to problems with your bite. A dental implant can “take up the slack” to prevent teeth from shifting.

After you have received a dental implant, you will be wondering what you can do to protect it. The truth is that there really is nothing special that needs to be done for a dental implant. But you must keep up with your regular oral hygiene. Be sure to brush at least twice daily and floss once a day to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Even though an implant is extremely strong, it can still be undermined by these dental problems. Alexandria implant dentist.

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