Broken Wisdom Tooth: Should You See An Emergency Dentist?

Dentist Alexandria Galleria Dental of Alexandria Broken Wisdom Tooth Should You See An Emergency Dentist

Wisdom teeth are the last to erupt, usually in the late teens or early twenties. The third molars are teeth that do not usually emerge through the gums, and if they do, they are not necessarily straight.

There is a higher risk of infection in these situations. Gaps in the teeth allow debris and bacteria to collect, increasing the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Some specialists advise removing wisdom teeth as soon as possible to avoid problems, while others say it is good to leave them alone if at all possible.

However, if a wisdom tooth is fractured, your cosmetic dentist in Alexandria, VA, will likely prescribe extraction. While it is possible to save the damaged tooth, it is recommended to have it extracted completely to avoid subsequent difficulties.

Your mouth may be restricted since wisdom teeth are the last to emerge. Another tooth may already occupy the same area as they attempt to erupt through your gums. Your wisdom tooth may come through at an irregular angle or even break as it pulls out.

Your wisdom teeth are more likely to break than your other teeth if they have not fully erupted. Chewing with those teeth may be more difficult, and if cleaning that area fully is difficult, there is a higher chance of decay.

Like any other tooth, your wisdom teeth are vulnerable to blunt force damage, such as a blow to the jaw or biting onto something hard. If your teeth shatter or bits of your wisdom tooth fall off, you’ll be in pain.

Bacteria can grow in spaces where tooth fragments have broken off. A gap in a wisdom tooth can be a breeding ground for bacteria and a weak spot in the tooth.

Furthermore, damaged or cracked wisdom teeth jeopardize the health of the entire tooth. Bacteria can infect the dental pulp by invading the tooth. The tooth must be removed or treated with a root canal in such circumstances. In most circumstances, it is preferable to extract the tooth.

If you have a shattered wisdom tooth, you must see an emergency dentist in Alexandria, Virginia. Your dentist will examine you and determine whether you need a wisdom tooth extraction.

Although a fractured tooth can be filled or repaired with a crown, you should consider having your wisdom tooth removed. Wisdom teeth rarely benefit your mouth, but they can raise your risk of fracture and infection.

Your dentist in Alexandria, VA, may be able to remove your wisdom teeth in only one appointment if you need them removed. Reliant to how your tooth has erupted through the gums and settled in the jawbone, you may need a simple or complex extraction.

In a basic extraction, your dentist numbs the region around the tooth and loosens it with a rocking motion from its socket. You may need general anesthesia or conscious sedation for a complicated extraction, especially if you are a nervous patient.

Moreover, your dentist makes an incision in the gum line and fractures the tooth, which they then remove. To control the bleeding, your dentist may use stitches or place a piece of gauze over the extraction site. Because the effects of anesthesia may stay in the body for several hours after surgery, bring a friend to drive you home.

Your dentist will also educate you on ways to help reduce any discomfort and aid your body’s natural healing processes during your recovery time. The regions where your dentist removes your teeth may be sore and swollen. To relieve the pain in your gums, gently squeeze an ice pack around the afflicted areas.

For a minimum of one week, change your diet. Instead of firm or chewy foods, choose soft or blended alternatives. Your oral cavity has undergone surgery and now requires healing time. Soft foods allow your mouth to relax, reducing the chance of the blood clot or stitches dislodging.

To limit the risk of infection, it’s critical to maintain a proper dental hygiene routine. A warm salt water washing can also help destroy infections that would otherwise necessitate additional treatment and create extra discomfort. Instead of spitting out the rinse, tilt your head and let it drop into the sink.

Your mouth will feel and act normal once your symptoms have faded. Because wisdom teeth are rarely used in eating, their removal should not affect how you eat or speak.

A wisdom tooth that has broken is painful and might lead to further difficulties. If you have a fractured wisdom tooth, make an appointment with the best dentist in Alexandria, VA. Your emergency dentist will advise you to have your teeth extracted in most situations.

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