Choosing CEREC Same-Day Crowns

CEREC same-day crowns have truly revolutionized today’s modern dentistry. Scores of people with decayed or damaged teeth prefer these crowns over their traditionally lab-created counterparts.  

These same-day crowns offer multiple benefits over their traditional counterparts. Below are some of the essential reasons why you should opt for these crowns.

  • Accuracy -CEREC same-day crowns are designed using 3-D digital cameras. These cameras are accurate as far as acquiring the image of the affected teeth or tooth is concerned. As such, CEREC same-day crowns are more reliable compared to traditional crowns, which normally rely on traditional impression techniques for acquiring replicas of the affected teeth or tooth. 
  • Convenience -The main reason why dental patients opt for these crowns over traditional crowns is because of convenience. Unlike lab-created crowns that require a patient to make separate appointments with their dentists, CEREC same-day crowns can be created and then installed the same day and in a single meeting. The crowns can be prepared within hours via a computerized technology.  
  • Strength and durability –These crowns are made from durable, secure, and stain-resistant porcelain.  Since they entail using CAD technology, this enables the dentist to create the perfect fit that is more precise and secure than that of the lab-created crowns. On average, these same-day crowns are 18% stronger than their traditional counterparts.
  • Aesthetics -these crowns are reasonably aesthetic since they are crafted from high-quality dental porcelain. In addition, they naturally replicate the look of the dental enamel. Unlike ordinary metal crowns, crowns resemble natural teeth. Hence, it is not very easy to notice them once they are installed.

Same-day crowns are made of porcelain. This material appears most natural. In fact, many patients prefer same-day crowns due to their translucency.

As with other forms of dental treatments, same-day crowns fees vary significantly from one dental clinic to the other. It is thus worth considering the cost of crowns before setting out to purchase your crowns. Shop around and then compared prices between different dental clinics near you. Although it is not advisable to choose the cheapest crowns, make sure you get the best and the most affordable crowns at a decent budget.

No matter how good or expensive crowns are, they are not the perfect choice for you if they don’t match your teeth’ natural color. Make sure your ideal crowns can achieve the desired natural look. In other words, the crowns must possess the translucency of your natural teeth.

The best crowns are durable and long-lasting. Although durable crowns are expensive, they will save you from having to purchase new crowns regularly due to accidental breakages. 

You should not just purchase your CEREC crowns from any dental clinic or dentist. Instead, it would be best if you strictly got your crowns from a dentist or dental clinic with a solid reputation of selling durable and quality same-day crowns. Again, ensure the dentist has a wide array of crowns for you to select your crowns from. More importantly, the dental clinic needs to be utilizing the best technology in their production of crowns.  Overall, the more advanced the technology, the better the quality of the crowns produced.

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