Choosing the Right Fit: Root Canal or Extraction and Implant

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Patients and dentists need to collaborate on some decisions. One of those options for some is a root canal or an extraction and implant. Patients do have a choice between these treatments for a brief period. 

However, if they wait too long, the tooth’s condition may decide for them. Root canal, extraction, and implant success rates are comparable, albeit implants may require more attention.

Read the sections below to compare root canals and extraction and implants.

Although the majority of people refer to the procedure as a root canal, this phrase only describes the physical characteristics inside the tooth. Root canal therapy or treatment involves removing an infection from the root canals. 

If bacteria have gotten inside the tooth, root canal therapy may be necessary to get the bacteria out and treat or prevent the illness. But if left untreated, the damaged tooth can die and need to be extracted.

For root canal therapy, two to three appointments may be required. Instead of lasting months, these therapies last a few weeks. 

A root canal typically requires a recovery period of one week. The treated tooth may, however, continue to be sensitive for weeks in some people. And last, this treatment can keep a natural tooth.

If you put off getting a root canal, it might be too late for the procedure to be effective. In addition, a lot of people are afraid of the process. 

But despite the lengthier recovery time, the procedure is not much more painful than getting a tooth filled.

When receiving a root canal treatment is too late or if a tooth has significant damage, extraction and implant are choices. In this procedure, a permanent implant that feels and looks like a tooth replaces the original tooth.

Your smile is preserved and safeguarded by extracting a tooth and replacing the space with an implant. The implant also stops your other teeth from shifting after the extraction. 

With implants anchoring them in place, you can also have dentures or bridges that are more comfortable.

An option to root canal therapy is tooth extraction and an implant because it may be too late to salvage a tooth. This procedure is the best option when a tooth is broken or knocked out and cannot be replaced in the mouth in time to save it. 

Nobody will ever need to know that you have lost a tooth if you have an implant. The porcelain crown that covers the implant is the same color as the rest of your teeth and has the appearance of a real tooth. 

Additionally, it ought to last the rest of your life, but bridges might only do so for ten years.

More time is needed for the extraction and implantation operation than for the root canal. The recovery period following extraction is also lengthier than that following root canal therapy. 

Before the post is implanted in your jaw, you must wait for the extraction site to heal. 

Once your jawbone has had time to develop around the post, it will be permanently fixed in place. The top will then be attached to the implant.

If you have a tooth that is severely decayed or infected, your dentist may recommend either a root canal or an extraction. 

You and your dentist should decide between a root canal and an extraction. Be sure to ask any questions you have and to discuss the risks and benefits of each option.

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