Debunking the 10 Common Fallacies about Invisalign

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Having straight teeth is crucial for your overall health and self-image. A mouth free of crooked or misaligned teeth can help you chew and talk properly and reduce your risk of contracting dental health issues. They can also help enhance your confidence and mental and emotional health. 

Sadly, not everyone can enjoy this benefit. Fortunately, you can reclaim your best smile without enduring traditional braces by asking your dentist to create Invisalign. While this popular treatment can effectively correct misaligned teeth, others may have misconceptions about this cosmetic procedure. 

If you’re ready to be well-informed and maximize dental investment, this article will fact-check the common myths about Invisalign. 

Trays may initially cause discomfort, but you’ll get used to them soon enough, like other orthodontic treatments. Dental professionals created Invisalign to provide comfort and cause less pain than traditional braces with brackets and wires. However, as with braces, there may be some discomfort during the initial days of using a new set of trays.

Invisalign provides two options for younger patients. Dentists design Invisalign First for adolescents with mixed dentition, accommodating baby teeth, missing teeth, and erupting teeth. Meanwhile, Invisalign Teen is for younger patients with minor to moderate orthodontic problems and includes an indicator for parents to keep track of their aligner usage.

If you don’t use your Invisalign trays as directed, there’s a higher chance that your teeth won’t follow the treatment plan and move into their proper positions. While the trays must remain securely in your mouth for at least 22 hours daily, you can remove them when eating, flossing, and brushing.

Invisalign has been around for over two decades and has treated millions of patients, allowing professionals to perfect the technology and aligner system over time. The company has invested in SmartTrack Aligner Technology to create clear trays with the most precise fit and accurate tooth movement.

 Unlike other aligner brands, experts have scientifically analyzed and proven that Invisalign’s plastic aligners are the most effective. That proves that no other brand can match its longevity and track record. 

Invisalign can treat simple, moderate, and complex malocclusions with special attachments like elastics for severe dental issues. Treatment is virtually invisible, and your local dentist can explain the process and show progress through personalized ClinCheck software.

While Invisalign is removable and makes eating and brushing easier, you should still care for your teeth and trays to avoid decay, plaque, and staining.

Your treatment duration depends on your condition’s severity and how well you follow the instructions. Even if you have a minor issue, the procedure may take longer if you don’t wear your trays as recommended.

You must find a dentist with experience in Invisalign treatment because it requires education and training to provide it effectively. A professional can ensure better outcomes and less time spent in aligners through effective treatment plans.

While it may not be cheap, investing in Invisalign is worth the expense at the end of the treatment once you get that perfect smile. 

Invisalign trays are removable, letting you eat whatever you want during orthodontic treatment. Just remove them before consuming sticky or chewy foods to prevent damage.

Everybody deserves a clean and straight smile because it benefits self-esteem and physical health. You can enjoy this advantage by fact-checking common myths about Invisalign and consulting a professional dentist. 

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