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Dental Fillings | If you have ever had a cavity, then you probably had it filled by your dentist. A cavity refers to decay in the tooth. Tooth decay is usually caused by the consumption of sugary foods and beverages. 

To fix this, the dentist needs to remove the decay and revert your tooth back to its original form. This is done by using a filling. A filling closes off the space left by the decay. This keeps your tooth healthy by reducing further decay.

If you have a cavity, the team at Galleria Dental of Alexandria can protect your tooth with a filling. Contact us today.

The Filling Process

To insert a filling, first, the dentist will numb the affected tooth. A drill or laser will be used to remove the decayed portion of the tooth. The dentist will check to make sure all decay has been removed. All bacteria and debris will be cleaned out of the tooth. If the decay is near the root, the dentist will protect it with composite resin or some other material. The filling will be placed inside the tooth. If the filling is tooth-colored, it will be applied in layers. Then the dentist will polish the tooth.

Types of Fillings

There are several types of filling materials to choose from. Your dentist will help you choose the right one to fit your needs. The location, cost, your budget, insurance coverage, and dentist’s recommendations will all be taken into consideration. 

Gold fillings last 10-15 years. They resist corrosion and can withstand chewing forces. They look better than some fillings, such as amalgam. However, they are much more expensive and are more extensive, requiring two office visits. 

Silver, or amalgam, fillings are made of mercury, silver, zinc, copper, and tin. They also last about 10-15 years. They are very strong and are the least expensive than other fillings. Aesthetically, though, they don’t look very good. They stand out and require a healthy tooth structure to be removed. Silver fillings are also known to expand and contract at high rates, which can cause the tooth to crack. 

Composite fillings look the best, as they are tooth-colored and cannot be detected. They bond to the tooth to provide more support. These fillings can also be used in the bonding process to fix chipped or worn teeth. However, they are not very durable, lasting just five years. They chip easily and are expensive. They may require multiple dentist visits.

Ceramic or porcelain fillings can last a long time – 15 years or more. They are resistant to staining but can cost as much as gold fillings.

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If you have a cavity, a filling can help fill in the gap and protect your tooth from further damage. The team at Galleria Dental of Alexandria can help you choose the right type of filling to fit your needs. We offer gentle dentistry and personalized care. Protect your teeth and schedule a filling today.

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