Dentist In Alexandria VA: Correcting Tooth Decay

Dentist In Alexandria VA | Dental restoration helps you maintain good oral health, ultimately it helps avoid issues like infection and tooth loss. That’s why, if tooth decay is present it should be treated immediately. If left alone, it can cause you severe pain and oral damage. Dental exams are very important for this reason.

Our dentist in Alexandria VA can detect any issues early on and take preventive measures. Keeping your smile nice and healthy. Our office offers many restorative dental procedures for all ages. Learn more about dental fillings down below.

In short, dental fillings restores teeth from tooth decay. Patients have two dental filling options. Composite- resin and amalgam. Amalgam is silver colored. Composite-resin matches the tooth color. Most patients often prefer composite-resin, because it’s natural looking and not noticeable. One thing to keep in mind, amalgam can darken over time.

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Poor dental hygiene and certain food choices can lead to tooth decay. Plaque buildup can occur if you don’t properly brush and floss your teeth daily. Eventually, teeth can begin to decay. Cigarette smoking and sugary foods can have a negative impact on your tooth enamel.

Many people assume their oral health is fine and aren’t aware of tooth decay. A big reason is because they don’t feel any discomfort or pain. This is why, everyone should keep up with their dental checkups. The dentist can detect any issues early on and take preventive measures. They can also inform you on action you can take to improve your oral health.

Dental x-rays are extremely helpful if the dentist in Alexandria VA detects anything strange. This will assist them to understand the severity of the decay. If a dental filling is needed, the debris and decay will be professionally removed from the tooth. Then, the dentist in Alexandria VA will apply a dental filling. A special light will be applied to the filling to harden it.

Protecting your dental filling is essential. If chipping or damage is shown, the dentist must fix it to prevent bacteria from entering the affected area. Keeping up with in-home dental hygiene is extremely important. Brushing your teeth at least twice daily and floss. Avoid any hard food. In addition, stay on top of your scheduled dental checkups and keep a balanced diet.

Our dentist in Alexandria VA offers a multitude of dental restoration procedures to keep your smile healthy. Learn more about dental fillings with a consultation. Contact us at (571) 206-3586  or schedule an appointment online.