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Dentures | Many people suffer tooth loss through illness or injury. If you have lost all or most of your teeth, it’s important that you take the steps needed to restore your smile, as well as your ability to eat, chew and speak. These are things that you take for granted when you have teeth. A lack of teeth can also affect your facial structure, causing your jaw to sag and make you look older.

One option to restore your smile and functionality is through dentures. Dentures may seem uncomfortable and unattractive to some people, but they have advanced in recent years, Plus, they are much better than the alternative, which is having no teeth at all and not being able to eat your favorite foods anymore. 

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Types of Dentures

There are three main types of dentures:

  • Conventional. This is the most common type. All your teeth are removed and your sets are placed once all the tissues have healed. This takes about three months and you will be without teeth during this time.
  • Immediate. If you don’t want to be without teeth, there is the option for an immediate set, which is placed in your mouth the same day all teeth have been removed. The dentist will take measurements and models during a preliminary appointment. Keep in mind, though, that your dentures may need to be adjusted or even remade once your jaw has healed.
  • Overdenture. This method allows you to keep some of your teeth to provide support for the set. The set will fit over the teeth. You can also use implants for this type of removable mouth appliance.


Removable mouth appliances require less of a time commitment than other options, such as implants. Some dentures can be made in as little as two weeks. Some dentists even offer a two-day rush service. This is something to consider if you are looking for a quick tooth replacement option.

In summary, removable mouth appliances look natural and allow you to eat, speak and smile with confidence. They can also provide support to weakened jaw muscles. They do not require surgery and have very few restrictions, so anyone of any age can benefit from them.

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If you are missing several teeth or an entire mouth of teeth, dentures are a great way to restore your ability to eat, chew, speak and smile with confidence. Today’s dentures are much more advanced than your grandparents’ dentures. Learn more about dentures by contacting the team at Galleria Dental of Alexandria. We offer gentle dentistry and personalized care. Schedule an appointment today.

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