Family Dentist: What Are Common Family Dental Procedures?

Choosing a family dentist is always recommended for busy parents and caregivers. In fact, a family dentist offers many benefits such as time and convenience. This is essential as oral health is vital for patients of all ages. So why not book each of your family member’s dental appointments on the same day at the same office?

Learn more about family dental procedures below. Then contact Galleria Dental of Alexandria, your family dentist today!

In general, dental exams by your family dentist include the following:

  • Medical history review
  • Evaluation of the gums, teeth, jaw structure, and overall mouth structure
  • Dental X-rays, if needed
  • Evaluation of previous dental restoration work
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Consultation

Patients should visit their family dentist as recommended. Normally, dental exams are needed every 6 months. However, some patients may need additional visits depending on their situation.

Every patient, regardless of age, should have a dental cleaning twice a year. Some may need additional treatments. This procedure effectively removes plaque and tartar from teeth and the gum line, which is essential. Dental cleanings prevent common issues such as decay and gum disease.

In short, a dental hygienist or family dentist performs the procedure. They use a small mirror and scaler to remove the buildup. Next, a powered brush polishes the teeth removing surface stains. Finally, the patient rinses their mouth. The dental professional often offers advice on how to best care for teeth and gums.

Wisdom teeth are the very last molars to erupt. Usually, patients have them removed during their teenage to early adult years. Wisdom teeth are known to cause issues such as pain and infection. In addition, teeth become impacted as they shift to make room for the wisdom teeth. It is usually recommended to have them removed for these reasons.

Bonding uses composite resin material to shape a misshapen or misaligned tooth. Its purpose is similar to veneers except that it is more affordable. Also, the procedure is done within one office visit. Many patients consider dental bonding over veneers due to cost and convenience.

Teeth can become weak or damaged due to injury, decay, or infection. Oftentimes, a dental crown is recommended to restore the tooth’s shape and function. Crowns are tooth-like caps made of various materials. Most patients choose porcelain for the look and feel of a real tooth. For this reason, your family dentist will custom make the crown to assure it matches your smile.

Missing teeth should be replaced right away. It improves your oral health and restores your confidence to smile. Most patients choose dental implants to replace missing teeth. In short, dental implants are biocompatible tooth roots. They require an abutment and dental crown to fully restore the tooth. 

There are a variety of services that a family dentist offers. Contact Galleria Dental of Alexandria to learn more. Our caring staff has years of education and experience to assist patients of all ages. Call (703) 743-7862 or book an appointment online. New patients are always welcome.